Saturday, January 1, 2011

The true meaning of Passionate Arrogance

The word arrogance is a word that is misunderstood. In the 16th century the original word arrogant was derived from the Latin word, arrogare. Meaning:'Claiming for oneself'
What if we claimed the knowledge we passionate knew for oneself for the purpose of sharing and teaching it without worrying what others thought even if others think of us as arrogant. Is that still considered arrogant?
Sometimes we're confident in something so passionately that we may come across as arrogant to others. Should this shake our confidence or dampen our passion? We should
not let the opinions of others effect our willingness to share or to teach make us fearful of striving for more.
Ask and ye shall receive, and then we have to be willing to truly receive. With receiving you have the opportunity to give to others. Which is truly why we receive.
Knock and the door shall open onto you. And if it does not open, knock on others until
one opens onto you. Then you must not fear entering. The light might be bright but fear
not this where you belong. The ability to give of oneself will keep opening more doors
onto you.
Giving of what you know. This is what I call, 'Passionate Arrogance'. Having the confidence to share and teach what you are passionate about. But always check in on yourself so your passion doesn't turn into negative pride and inflated ego.
Now if you're claiming something for oneself for the capability of sharing with others. That's Passionate Arrogance.
But if you're claiming something for the ability just to claim it and boost about it, then that is truly arrogance.
You never truly learn something until you can teach it to others. So do it with passion, do it with Passionate Arrogance and Pay it Forward.

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