Thursday, January 28, 2016

Living in the Mystery

What does it take to live in the Mystery?
What is the mystery? Does it mean to live with
no assurances?
To live in the gray. No black or white. No control.
Control, what do we actually control?
We really only control our thinking.

We day dream, we drift off.
Are you wasting your time and therefore your
live by day dreaming.

What if you could day dream with a purpose.

Direct your thoughts, your our dreams into action. 
Could you manifest your own best self.
Now we all have choices in our lives.
Would you rather be happy or right?

So to live in the mystery is choosing to be happy
in the face of uncertainty. 

Uncertainty is like going with the flow from opinion to opinion.
Uncertainty is like swimming upstream, going nowhere. 

To be truly in the flow means to direct your flow.
When one is caught in a current, one is told to

head toward the land but swimming parallel to the land 
and little by little you will make it back to land. 
So with intention you can direct your flow and 
therefore your life.
So to go into the mystery, is to surrender control. 
So you ask, how do surrender control and still direct my flow? 
'Ask' for what you want.
'Feel' what it is like to have your desired outcome already.
Then you release it to the universe.
'Accept' that you are deserving and worthy of receiving
goodness and light into your life.
'Receive', be open to receiving your hearts desire.

Then you bless it, which opens you to receive more.
The final step is to not get tied up in the outcome.

You can't get poor enough. 

You can't get sick enough to help a single person.
You deserve goodness.

You deserve greatness in your life.

So to live in this mystery we call life. We put out our intention,

let it go and again, are NOT tied up in the outcome .
To be present in the mystery we must know who we are.
The question is how many of us know who we truly are?
Who are you? You might know you our body, mind and some of us
might even know or be in touch with our spirit, our soul.

"The soul is. It has no beginning and no end
but flows toward wholeness. The personality emerges
as a natural force from the soul. It is an energy tool
that the soul adapts to function within the physical world.
Each personality is unique because the configuration
of the energy of the soul that formed it is unique."

(quoting from the 'Seat of Soul')

It is your persona of the soul, so to speak that interacts
with physical matter.
'Persona' is where we get our word personality.
In Greek 'persona' means masks. 

So personality means the masks that we wear. 
We all wear different masks or hats. 
We all have different masks or personalities for work, friends and home.
But sometimes we can have some many masks, that we loss our true authentic self and then loss connection to the soul, 

therefore we step out of the flow and disconnect from source.
Could this is be the origins of mental illness like schizophrenia?
Have you fragmented yourself so much you have loss 

your way back to Soul.

The Buddha says
"Don't believe what I say. Find out what is real or true for you"

"Just Breathe, Believe and know you are Whole'