Thursday, February 4, 2016


What is your worth, worth?
Your journey through life mirrors how you
feel about yourself, believe in yourself.
If you get stuck in the story. You begin to believe
you have lost your direction in life.
All around you are signs that you lack worth.
The job, the boss, the failing relationship.
Your self-worth is the barometer on how you
move through life, up or down.
Shakespeare said, "There is nothing either
good or bad only our thinking makes it so."
Henry Ford said, "Whether you believe your
right or wrong your right".
If you were an artist would you continually
paint pictures that remind you how bad you
feel or how unworthy you believe you are.
Would you hang a picture on your wall that
you hate to look at?
But what would I be without my story?
How could I break this cycle?
How about just starting a new chapter.
There's a balance between owning and honoring our
life experiences and not getting stuck in them.
We often feel stuck, live in fear and denial, which
leads us feeling like we're spinning our wheels.
If you spend too much time stuck in your story, it's like
getting stuck in a groove on a record.
Picture your mind as a blank canvas, a blank page
You have a choice whether you are going
to paint or write something new and fresh or
continue on with yesterday world or problems.
Einstein said, "You can't solve a problem with
same thinking that created it in the first place".
Its your choice. What are you going to create today.
PS: Don't forget to create it with you in it.
You Worth it!

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